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Principles of Community

Good morning, Enterprise Administrative and Business Services (EABS) team members,

Every March during the week following spring break, Virginia Tech celebrates Principles of Community Week to commemorate and reaffirm our collective commitment to the fundamental values of who we want to be as a community. This year’s theme is Moving from Words to Action.

I invite you to join me in using the week of March 13-17th to remember, recognize, reaffirm, and reflect on the Principles of Community. By participating, you will have the chance to learn from experts, engage in meaningful conversations, and develop the skills we need to build a stronger and more inclusive community.


Learn more about how the Principles of Community came to be. The Inclusive VT Insight, “What Are the Principles of Community and Why Are They Referenced So Often?” describes the collaborative process by which they were authored and then endorsed by the Board of Visitors in March 2005.


Who embodies the Principles of Community in EABS? Raise up colleagues whose lives reflect the values of civility and respect, and an active commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Nominate them for the Principles of Community Award.

Nominate them for the Positively Hokie Award


Principles of Community Week is an opportunity to revisit our shared values and refresh the skills of listening, collaborating, and communicating across differences.

  • The Principles of Community Week webpage lists programs occurring throughout the week such as the Community Conversation with President Sands and members of the Council on Virginia Tech’s History on the Next 150 Years on Tuesday, March 14th



In the spirit of this year’s theme, Moving from Words to Action, I invite you all to reflect and then take action on this question…How can you affirm the principles of community in your everyday interactions?

I believe that by investing in our own personal and professional development, we can create a more supportive and inclusive workplace culture. That's why I strongly encourage all members of EABS to participate in Principles of Community Week.




Hokie Recognition

Enterprise Administrative and Business Services is noted for having loyal and dedicated employees. Each of you play a vital role in fulfilling the University’s mission of having an inclusive community of knowledge, discovery, and creativity dedicated to improving the quality of life and the human condition within the Commonwealth of Virginia and throughout the world. That’s why I’m happy to announce our new EABS Employee Recognition Program! This program will provide opportunities to recognize employees’ dedication, commitment and contributions to the strength, success and reputation of our division and the University.

Our employees are our greatest strength going above and beyond every day to provide quality service to the University. In support of my commitment to cultivate a workplace culture where people feel valued and recognized, the EABS Employee Recognition Program will provide a way for us to express our appreciation and recognize employees for committed dedication and outstanding service. An overview of the recognition programs is listed below and more details can be found on the VPEABS website

Employee Spotlights:

Award: Monthly public recognition

Monthly, an employee will be highlighted from within the EABS division. The selected employee will have the opportunity to receive a professional headshot and a short list of get-to-know you type nuggets of information posted on our website and social media. This will allow members of each unit to be spotlighted and it will give us the ability to get to know our colleagues better. 

Positively HOKIE Award:

Award: Certificate, recognition on the EABS website, and entry to the Above and Beyond Award | Awarded throughout the year

This award can be presented to any member of the division throughout the year. It is intended to provide an on the spot expression of appreciation to recognize a colleague who through one single act or continuous selfless service makes a positive impact on their colleagues, unit, EABS division, or the University. The recipient will receive a certificate, be featured on our website, and be entered into the Above and Beyond Award. Nominations can be submitted on the VPEABS website

Above and Beyond Award:

Award: $1,000 | Awarded Annually

This award recognizes the importance of employee recognition. Research has shown that receiving a compliment, words of recognition, and praise can help individuals feel more fulfilled, boost their self-esteem, and trigger positive emotions. One awardee will be selected randomly from the list of all nominators and recipients of the Positively HOKIE Awards annually. 

The Innovation Award:

Award: $500 for an individual or $500 per person for a team/group | Awarded Annually

This award is presented to an employee or team within EABS for their exceptional contributions toward efficiency and effectiveness of operations, special efforts in promoting workforce excellence, transformational and visionary ideas in the areas that include but are not limited to process improvement, technology improvement, or collaboration that advanced the work of one or more units in a manner that may be considered ambitious by many.

The Rising Star Award:

Award: $500 | Awarded Annually

This award is presented to an employee of EABS that has been in the division five (5) years or less whose accomplishments distinguish them as possible future leaders in their career field. Their performance demonstrates innovation, professionalism, and leadership qualities; their actions represent the Virginia Tech motto “Ut Prosim”.

Wishing you the very best in this new year,




EABS Colleagues,

Please take time on Friday November 11th, Veterans Day, to honor the service of our Veterans. I hope on this day and every day that they fully know the depths of our gratitude. We do not have to look past our own division to find several individuals who have served in the armed services. Veterans are truly the embodiment of the Virginia Tech motto, Ut Prosim, (That I May Serve).

You will find a list of Veterans Day events taking place at Virginia Tech here. I encourage you to attend these events as you are able and to keep our veterans top of mind both today and every day.

Please join me in saying Thank You to our Veterans.



Enterprise Administrative and Business Services Team,

After a summer of preparing, training and hopefully rejuvenating, it is time for the HOKIE Nation to return to campus! 

As we welcome a new class to our campuses, we are sure this year will be full of challenges. There are lots of exciting events planned for the Weeks of Welcome for the students, I have included a link to them below. Then as football season kicks off, we anticipate a renewed sense of excitement and an increased level of activity to our campus. For all of these things and more, I am confident that we are up to the task because we have the right team for the job.

I want you to know that what you do matters and your work has a huge impact on many. As I have gotten to watch you over this past year, I truly am in awe of the many selfless acts and above-and-beyond achievements I witness from you every day. The high degree of professionalism coupled with the humility and humanity with which you go about your work is noticed and does make a difference in the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and local communities. For all that you do, I am very grateful.

Admittedly, the rigors of what we do can be difficult at times, to say the least. I want to encourage you to find time to take care of yourself. A better you, makes us all stronger. After all, you are the driving force behind the success of Virginia Tech!

As we start a new year, I only ask that you begin each day with one question to yourself and that is, “how can I make a positive impact today?”

Go Hokies,


Football Schedule;

Weeks of Welcome;

HOKIE Wellness;

Enterprise Administrative and Business Services Team,

In June, we nationally celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) Pride Month to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan and to recognize the positive impact the LGBTQ+ community has had on the local, state, and federal levels.

This special month is recognized by the Hokie community through the Virginia Tech Principles of Community, where all forms of prejudice and discrimination, including those based on gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation are rejected.

I encourage you to learn more about the ways we can continue to support our Hokie LGBTQ+ community through the LGBTQ+ Resource Center. Also during this month, University Libraries has developed a thoughtful LGBTQ+ Pride Month Collection on the second floor of Newman Library, complete with free buttons.